F@$% the #newyearsresolutions: Decide what inspires you and get prepared to live your transformation with intention…NOW

Transformations are made one day at a time. Add time to the calendar. – elizabethionita (Instagram)

NEWS OF THE DAY: How much is a lot of money? $1 million? $50 million? OK- how about #30 billion? It’s official- Salesforce has acquired Vancouver-based Slack. Talk about a transformation. Interested to see the innovation that comes out of this alliance. #CanadaProud. That said, it was about time to join the #Slack community…I’m trying to figure it out one channel and #hashtag at a time. 🙂

On with the story…

I recently created a new Instagram account. The other one had been inactive for way too long. The truth is, I have experienced so many different transformations over the past 6+ years that it just didn’t feel right picking up where I left off. I’m just not that person anymore. I’m better, albeit a few extra pounds that I’m saying goodbye to. #babyweight

2020 has been a year of disruption…I mean that’s an understatement, obviously.

We are all living and experiencing our respective struggles. Luckily, many people out there are able to empathize because they realize that those same struggles are all too familiar to them. So that said, here is the way I’m combatting my struggles and transforming for 2021. But first, some context.

I had our second son this past July. He joined his brother who is 3. #2020Baby #Jetaimebro. I left work with some “unfinished business” as is usually the case when you’re a woman in #sales and you have to peace out right before you can collect the fruits of your labor. That’s alright- Bebe Mateo is worth more than any commission cheque- even though it could have made a good dent in his college fund. #LMAO

I’m not sure what post-partum depression in the midst of a pandemic looks like but let’s just say it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and mental states. On a global scale, anxiety, depression and social isolation at all time highs. Perhaps this will be the subject of someone’s PhD thesis one day…

I’m fortunate that we are all healthy and all my boys (and fur baby girl) are thriving. Mama is taking good care of them. So to all you mamas out there who are reading this, make sure to refill your “cup” when you can. After all, not all of our cups “runneth over”… And yes, I’m also referring do your water intake. DRINK LOTS OF WATER! #selfcare #settingboundaries #managingexpectations

In an attempt to adapt to our new environment and do something that fills my cup, I started #COMWUNE. I’m enjoying watching it grow and appreciating the gifts it gives me every day. None of which can be ordered from Amazon or wrapped with a bow. These gifts are connectivity, collaboration and the ability to learn every day. #Christmas2020

COMWUNE inspires me. And the hope is that it will inspire others. Inspire them to do what? To transform for the better…

Each day, I get to see transformation in real time. 5 month old babies are fascinating- and resilient- and I’m cherishing every moment I get to see him grow and change. At the same time, I’m coming to terms with the fact that I have quite a bit of work to do myself. Luckily for the first time in a very long time, I have the opportunity to sit back and reflect on what inspires me and what I need to do to get to where I need to be. Maybe you’ll concur.

  1. Incorporate strategy into your calendar. Value your time so others will do the same. Block off days and times that you will commit to prioritize something that serves you mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally- holistically. Go for a walk or hike, take a power nap, do some HIIT, make that recipe from the Food & Drink Holiday edition, meditate, FaceTime your mom, practice yoga, watch that next episode of “The Crown”, go for a bike ride, book a call through Lunchclub, work on your craft, call your friend or colleague and take a virtual coffee or lunch break together. Now more than ever, we must nurture the relationships that matter most to us- and dedicate the time to the people who give more than they take.
  2. Create a space and love every square foot of it. Many of us started working from home for the first time in our lives this year. If you didn’t have experience working remotely before the pandemic, you may have had to adjust to your new reality of working and living in the same space. Every virtual call you make or take, you are letting that person or people into your home. Be proud of your space and take the opportunity to tell a story about what’s in your background and what they can see…if you want a nice piece of art for your wall, I know a few artists…
  3. Sweat, stretch, sex & sleep more. You know what too many of us are suffering with? Bad posture, unhealthy eating habits and not enough cardiovascular fitness. You’re either sitting in front of your non-ergonomic work station (at home in the living room or basement) on back to back calls, on your feet too long not wearing the right shoes or you’re hunched over trying to breastfeed a creature that’s just learning to discover the bite-down method. Ouch… So go ahead and hop on that treadmill or #peloton or go for a jog, dust off your weights, get a little more comfortable with those resistance bands or TRX, get intimate with the person you love and share your bed with, and when it’s time to sleep, don’t bring your phone into the bedroom (Mel Robbins said so!).
  4. Speak to someone new everyday. Be intentional and authentic.
  5. Don’t let one day pass without learning something new. Same goes for unlearning.
  6. Give thanks always.
  7. Dance more. I feel that when you get to a certain age or stage, you just dance less. F@$% that noise. Turn on some music and dance your a$$ off- literally…(I may or may not have taken a moment earlier this evening to listen to “Proud Mary” while pretending I was one of Tina’s backup singers… “We rollin’-ooooo-, rollin’,-oooo- rollin’ on the river…listen to the story…”).

There are 3 more things I could have listed to make it an even 10 but maybe you can take a moment to add in what you need, and are inspired to do, to live your transformation. Just do yourself a favor and don’t wait until NYE to think about it…

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Have a beautiful week!