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Connection Collaboration Community


Connection Collaboration Community


Connection Collaboration Community

We recognize storytelling as the most powerful way we can connect with one another. When we tell our stories, we are able to share our experiences, our knowledge, and reveal the most vulnerable and courageous parts of ourselves..

We are all unique in what we do. We acknowledge that when we work together, we can accomplish amazing things. By collaborating, we are able to build partnerships and alliances that can create invaluable opportunities for the greater good.

We are at our very best when we are surrounded by those who want to lift us up and see us thrive. Those in the community see the potential in us when we are unable to see it in ourselves. We are committed to bringing together women who acknowledge the fact that real growth comes from embracing and overcoming the pain of change.

Elizabeth Ionita

Elizabeth is a connector. A collaborator. And a community builder.
Studied psychology and sociology in university. Took a hiatus mid-way through to become a private investigator (where she met her future husband). Worked long hours in bars and restaurants and has considerable admiration for entrepreneurs and business owners.
Having spent the last 10+ years in the human capital management space (HCM) as a manager, recruiter and HR strategist, she’s coached and led cross-functional teams. 
6+ years in technology (SaaS HCM) marketing, business development, and sales, making work life better for leaders and their people. Mother to Luka, Mateo, and Mika (their beloved Vizsla). Wife to a Wildlife Conservation Officer who actually knows what he wants to be when he grows up.
Driven to find the potential in people and contribute to their growth- both personally and professionally. Getting more comfortable with the uncomfortable and getting better at asking the hard questions. A firm believer that we as women can have it all- we just can’t do it all. Fostering learning and development and trying to embrace the difficult side of change and growth.
Dedicated to guiding and preparing the next generation for the future of work by bringing women (and men of course) together to connect, collaborate and create a community- a collective. 
In her spare time, she likes to walk, listen to music, and read. Wait, Elizabeth doesn’t have spare time. It’s been a rough last few months. She likes to calendar-block (and would highly recommend it to everyone!). 

Chanelle Lavigne

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